Thursday, August 27, 2009

University Center

As I entered the foyer to Cort Dining Hall within the University Center, I was greeted by a very dark foyer. It was covered in stones that added to the darkness within the room. It seemed very remiscent, at this point, of German or some sort of Eastern European gothic architecture from the 16th or 17th century. Once I got into the entarnce to the dinig hall, past the foyer, the room lit up. It became what I would think of for a college dining hall. There was a women at a desk with a computer scanning peoples id cards, there were various posters around the room advertsiing for Lehigh events or events in the local community. The next place I went into was the dining area, there I encountered people eating and having conversations with their friends. It seemed as if the dining hall was more than just an area of eating for some of them, but also a place for them to hang out for some time between classes with friends. The actual design of the room appeared to be very ordinary. The room had wooden columns that appeared to be fake wood. The furinture in the room appeared to have been bought in bulk, it all looked the same, adding to the rooms monotonous feel. In the back of the room, however, there was a potrait and a fireplace that seemed to add some class to the room. When I glanced up I noticed that ceiling tiles reminded me of being in an office building and it seemed to convey the same feelings as the furniture. The music in the room that was omnipresent but never blaring was pop music that one would hear when listening to a disney like radio station.

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