Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My dogs name is Alex, just to begin the the story and introduce it so that you know she is a dog. Whenever my sister introduces her she refers to our dog as her sister so she says my sister Alex. That is the cause for great confusion from her friends when they show up at our house expecting a little girl to be running up to them, instead they get a dog running up to them. Many people thought, and some who have not yet come to our house, still think that there are three siblings in my house, 2 girls and 1 boy. They do not realize that my sister, the real one, is just personifying the dog. Although in many respects to us she does feel like a human. Alex will hang out and relax with us, shell follow us around like a little sister would, she even annoys us just like a little sister would. The only problem is that she cannot talk, and she has tons of fur covering her entire body, but none the less I love her as if she were a sister. Whenever I come home from being away at first she treats me like a stranger, she stands 10-15 feet away from me and just barks loudly. Then after about 5 minutes of barking she finally comes close to me and smells me, then she realizes who I am and begins to treat me like she normally does, she licks me for a little bit, then she expects me to rub her in return for the licks. I am the most rough one with the dog, she bites me the most out of anyone in the house because I wrestle with her and play around. So after we go through licking and rubbing we begin to wrestle normally and then my mom comes in because it sounds like the dog is going to actually get mad at me. Instead she will sometimes walk away, sometimes bite me playfully, or sometimes use her paws to move me away. I value this fun time and the relationship that me and my dog have, it is very important to me and I miss it when I am away.

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