Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being Home

Went I walked into the door into my house, I felt like this was not the home that I had left when I went to Lehigh in August. First, it was much cleaner than it was when I left. There are no more children left in my home, I am the youngest of two, I have an older sister who is a senior at Syracuse, so when we are home the house tends to become messy. There was no odor of dirty laundry in my room, there typically used to be an assortment of dirty clothes laying around my room and in my bathroom. Also, there was no mess of old eaten food containers, like the wrappings to various sorts of bars or cookies or anything of that sort. I used to eat and watch TV and as I would eat I would just leave the wrappings behind on the coffee desk in front of the TV. When I got home all that was cleaned up. The biggest change to affect me was the fact that there is no food in the house. Since my mom typically eats out and does not eat much at that, she does not need much food in the house. Also, the diet she maintains is much different from the diet that I try to maintain. She eats healthy and tries to maintain a good diet of all types of food, while staying away from candy. Whereas when I was home I used to try and keep the house stocked with all the foods that she would not eat. When I got home and walked in the door, I could immediately tell that the house had changed.

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