Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New York Yankees

It has been in family for many generations to be a fan of the New York Yankees. When I go to visit my grandfather I normally get to hear stories about him taking the train from Newark, NJ to the Bronx to see a Yankees game. Whenever the games come on me, my dad, and my grandfather all sit down together (when we are together for a game) and normally do not talk much and instead just take in the game. After the game we will; normally talk about what players we felt played well, and who we felt did not play. After the Yankees won the World Series this year the first I called to discuss the matter with was my grandfather, the next person I called was my father. The Yankees play a role in maintaining my relationship with my family. Talking to other friends who are Yankees fans also, I have found that their family is normally similar in the fact that the being a fan of the Yankees is something that is shared throughout the generations. That is something you find when you have a sports team that has been around as long as the Yankees have, and when you have a team that has been as successful as the Yankees. Have yet to venture to the new Yankee stadium, when I do I hope I get to go with my grandfather, as he took me to my first ever Yankees game along with my father. That is a memory that will stick in my head forever. For me, being a big baseball fan, the first ever Yankees game of mine is one of the most important memories and it will be a story I’m sure I will tell many times as I get older. The tradition of following the Yankees is one that I hope to continue and pass down through my family in the future.

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