Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My TV watching habits have drastically changed since I started at Lehigh. Prior to coming to college I used to spend about 3 hours each night watching, as I did not have nearly as much work to do nor was there as much to do around. While in school at home there were very few options as to what I could do on a weeknight. I could hang out with my friends for a few hours, which I would normally do right after school ended. After that I would come home and do the 20 or 30 minutes of homework that normally encompassed the entire days of schools work. After that was done I would normally eat dinner, then I had 3-4 hours before I would go to bed. So I would watch TV, from doing that I became attached to shows that aired on certain nights. On mondays I used to watch CBS for the 2 hours of comedy television that they showed, other than that I would normally flip around watch a movie or see what sports are on. Now that I am in college I find myself having less time to watch TV at the times that the programs air. I typically do my work later now, so I cannot watch the shows that I wanted to watch. What I find myself doing is going online and watching shows. I have started to watch two shows since I came to Lehigh, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Sons of Anarchy, and I have continued to habitually watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. With Sons and Sunny I watched every episode aired to date online because its hard to watch every episode of a show by just watching them on TV. With Curb I also watch it online because we don't get HBO in the dorms and because I don't have time Sunday nights to watch. Since I have come to college I have noticed my amount of time spent watching TV decrease dramatically, and instead I watch the shows that enjoy online off my computer.

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