Wednesday, December 16, 2009

War In Iraq

The War in iraq has been debated and discussed so much over the past 8 years since it has begun. There has been much talk about the fact that we went in for the totally wrong reasons that the reason we did go in was one that was made up by the government. The reason that I feel the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan could be justified is because of the Truman Doctrine. President Truman said that since the "US is the leader of the free world we must support and spread democracy worldwide" at that time it was against the communist regimes that were spreading around the world. At this point a lot of the communist regimes that were once most threatening to us are gone, but some are still threatening the country, such as Cuba and North Korea, but now we have to deal with these totalitarian regimes in countries like Iraq where the people have no say in what happens and instead they are treated like slaves. I understand that it is not the United States role in the world to be a world police invading any country that does not share values like we do, but what was happening in Iraq and Afghanistan should not be happening to people, and that is why I agree with the toppling of the regimes in those two countries. However, I feel at this point in Iraq we should be getting ready to hand the country back over to the people. They should be able to start a democratic regime there. There is one flaw in my point though, and that is the fact that we went into Iraq to stop terrorism and toppling Saddam Hussein was kind of a secondary goal. To me that toppling of Saddam and his family rule should have been priority, clearly Iraq was trying to ensure its protection from Iran by claiming to have nukes or the capacity to build them. I am against war but I am for democracy and peoples rights.

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