Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lehigh University

About two days ago I had a meeting on the opposite side of campus from where I live, I was going from upper cents to Warren Square. The meeting was set for 3, and I wanted to get there about five minutes early to make me look like I’m on top of everything and not running in the door at exactly 3. I left my dorm building at 3:40 expecting the walk to take anywhere from 10-15 minutes. As I started to walk I got distracted, I had never had time to just look around the campus when it’s empty, as it was while I was walking. People where in classes or the library or done for the day, it was just me and the trees and buildings. I had not had the chance to observe the campus as I did yesterday since the times I came here as a high school senior and junior to look at the school. I was very happy that I had this opportunity to do this, because had I not had this meeting I would only walk around when I had class and normally then I’m thinking about what work we had for class, if I did that work, and what I am going to say about it. I have heard from other people who came to look at Lehigh this year as juniors or seniors how beautiful the campus is and all I normally do is nod my head in agreement because I had forgotten about the beauty of the school. I had forgotten about how nice the church is or how well everything is kept up and made to look the best. I forgot about all the tress scattered around campus that add to the rustic look of the campus. When you’re living somewhere you become so used to your surroundings that you don’t even look around and take in the scene, instead it just always there. People rarely stop and just look around instead they are running to class or trying to get to the next place they have to be as quick as possible. From now on I am going to try and look around, take in where I am and what’s around me. Today, since it just snowed, I’m going to try and walk around the campus and just see it covered in the snow, take in that site because I have never seen it before. The snow-covered trees and white everywhere will make me feel as my friend said last night “like we are in a winter wonderland”.

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