Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiger woods

Since this topic has been so widely talked about on shows ranging from sportscenter to the view, I felt that I should my 2 cents in about the whole issue. To me this is his personal life, he was not put in the public view in any way expect for through golf. Nothing about his personal life, besides for his marriage had really ever been made public before. He is a very private, so for this to come out must have been a huge shock and he must have been fuming. That being said, he is paid millions of dollars every years to represent some of the largest companies in America, he is the face of Nike Golf, the face of Tag Heuer, he was the face of Accenture; he had all these huge companies attaching Tigers face and image to all of their products. This also made kids look up to Tiger as their hero, I'm sure many people worldwide strive to be like Tiger. They want to obtain the perfection he has with golf, but also in his personal life up until now. I remember when I first heard that Tiger had crashed his car at 2:30 in the morning on a random weekday morning/night, my first thought was there is no way that is whole story, only shady business occurs at that hour of the night. Later on in the week all this news began to break about affairs and what not, and I realized what had happened. Then the voice mail came out into the public, and the whole thing exploded in Tigers face. My first personal opinion on this is who cares, I do not really care, he is a great golfer I do not care one bit about what he does in his personal. Then I began to think he is the face of many companies, many people look up to him, I realized then that he needs to keep himself to a higher level of judgement than others because of who he is and his success. It would make me miserable, but its made him a successful man, and his given lots of opportunities so far in his life.

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